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As infants grow, they become attached to items which bring them comfort. A mother’s soothing voice, a gentle touch, a pacifier; to name a few.

When the pacifier is missing, stress levels soar; comfort levels plummet.

When a binky or pacifier is lost, parents and caregivers alike are at a loss. Nothing is good enough; nothing quite takes its place. Your solution – Binky Babies™ are the BFF of the infant set.

Binky Babies™ are soft, safe, educational toys that will light up your child’s surroundings, as they secure a pacifier in place. Adorable white puppies and irresistible green frogs keep everyone happy at home, or onboard, while teaching the alphabet at the same time.

Binky Babies™ are sure to please infants and young children, while keeping peaceful family harmony.

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